Mr Davies by C.E Okwera

Mr Davies

Mr Davies: The handsome husband. Suave, well-groomed, successful but with insecurities.

Mrs Davies: The beautiful wife. The once-powerful matriarch of the Davies business empire, now demoted to arranging flowers and dinner parties.

Ella Fountayne: The Stunning Executive Assistant. Stoic, influential, and the longest-lasting Executive Assistant to Mr Davies with ever-increasing office privileges.

The common saying is two is company, three's a crowd; so one must go...

Mr Davies is a short, sharp gripping thriller. Less about whodunit and more about who will go?

It is one of the books in a series of short, sharp thrillers written by the same author. The stories require only an hour of your time to read, but in that hour you will be drawn in by the suspense and left aghast by the twist.

The next book in the series will be the title 1a Penn Road.