Murder in the House of Diamonds by Charles Kane

Murder in the house of diamonds

This is not a work of fiction. It is the story of a man who goes searching for his past in an attempt to solve a murder. It begins shortly after his birth in Brussels during the Nazi occupation. Thirty-five years later, Charles Kane would learn that his birth mother had been killed at Auschwitz. He would come to this discovery after the murder of his adoptive mother, a diamond dealer—and one of several Jewish jewelers who met violent fates in beautiful San Juan during the dark decade of the 1970s.

With the help of several organizations, including the FBI and Jewish and Christian groups, as well as a Belgian journalist, Charles manages to find and connect with some of his blood relatives. And with the investigative skills he developed through his work as a U.S. customs, immigration, and border protection officer, he puts enough pieces together to force the FBI to reveal the known identity of the murderers.

According to French historian Jacques de Launay, only three thousand Jewish children survived deportation. Charles J. Kane is one of them.