BROKEN BY THE DARK by Dennis Lively

Book Cover: BROKEN BY THE DARK by Dennis Lively

An “Edge Of Your Seat” Murder Mystery

Jason took a step back so the victim could be loaded in the van. He switched off the recorder and just listened to the conversations around him. He was still, listening and thinking. He didn't move or speak until after the back doors of the van had been slammed shut and the van started to pull away.

"What are you thinking?" Frank asked after a moment.

"The sweatshirt wasn't hers." Jason rarely stated the obvious.

"That's all?"

Jason took a slow breath. "The killer is very, very good at what he does. It is extremely difficult to kill someone with strangulation or blunt force trauma without leaving obvious evidence behind. This guy's showing off, showing us how smart he is."

The tension is just starting to increase. Will Jason be able to see the end of this terror?