Murder on Vancouver Island by Kathy Garthwaite

Murder on Vancouver Island by Kathy Garthwaite

The peace of a frosty morning is shattered when a man finds a colleague’s battered body. Detective Inspector William Gibson of the Vancouver Island police investigates…

The victim is found by a maintenance worker on the university campus. Despite being brutally murdered, there is a little other evidence; just a blood-spattered baseball bat and a condom placed under the body.

When the police discover that the victim, Robbie Spencer, was a closet homosexual, DI Gibson becomes convinced it was a hate crime.

However, co-workers are apparently nonplussed by the events, regarding the investigating officers with suspicion and disdain. Is the perpetrator one of them?

Gibson concentrates on a party held at the university the night before, one that he in fact attended. A fight had broken out between the guests. Can the two events be linked?

MURDER ON VANCOUVER ISLAND is free with Kindle Unlimited and coming soon in paperback. The sequel, MURDER AT LAKE ONTARIO, also featuring DI William Gibson, will be available soon on Kindle.

If you enjoy crime fiction by Melinda Leigh, Rachel Caine, and Kendra Elliot, you’ll love this atmospheric murder mystery set against the stunning backdrop of Canada’s west coast.