Murder at the Space Hotel by Mehmet Ali Yazan

Murder at the Space Hotel by Mehmet Ali Yazan

Asimov’s three laws of robotics have just become a matter of life and death…

When a man is found bludgeoned to death at the Milky Way’s newest Space Hotel, there’s no one better suited for the case than Detective Harry Mortimer. Along with a young police officer and the owner of the company that built the hotel, he heads into space and prepares to solve the toughest murder of his career.

But with a pool of twelve suspects and no murder weapon in sight, Mortimer is forced to question his assumptions and broaden his horizons as he fights to uncover the truth.

As it turns out, each and every one of the hotel guests has an alibi and no clear motive.

So who would bludgeon Novell Chamberlain to death, and why? Did he even have enemies? And is this murder all that it first seems?