The Muse: Occult horror fiction by MK Schultz

The muse by MK Schultz
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Thirty years of quiet. Clearly, the evil that Khalon and his twin sister Carmon had seen was gone. As Khalon isolates himself in his new job as a trucker, he explores his artistic desire to become a writer. Through practice on a Ouija board, he reaches for inspiration into the darkness. The darkness reaches back, and a deal is made, but with whom?

Devoting himself to his writing, Khalon ignores the horrors that begin to emerge. Ignorant of the slippery slope into darkness, he begins to do unspeakable things for his new master - The Muse. Can Khalon sustain his part of the deal? Or will the cost become too high?

As he descends further into darkness, his sister, Carmon becomes more committed than ever to saving him. A difficult choice is made that sets Carmon on a new path. The darkness reaches out once again. But this time, it has gone too far.