The Mystery of the Lucky Cat by Christine McHaines

The mystery of the lucky cat by Christine McHaines

An impulsive act sets a cat among the pigeons on a quiet London street…

After a slow year, amateur sleuth Quentin Cadbury and his sidekick, the ever-desirable Wanda Merrydrew, happen upon the lifeless form of a neighbour’s cat.

Having been thrown into responsible adult life with no dress-rehearsal, Quentin is at pains to treat the fallen feline to a dignified send-off.

But when he tries to stop a mugging, and the holdall containing the creature gets swapped with another, he has a problem on his hands.

Instead of a dead cat, he now has a bag of seriously suspicious goods.

Despite warnings from DCI Steve Philmore, and with scarce ability to stay out of trouble, Quentin and Wanda decide to investigate.

Yet, faced with a desperate criminal with nothing to lose, will their detective skills be up to the task?

THE MYSTERY OF THE LUCKY CAT is the second standalone cozy crime caper in this humorous series by Christine McHaines. Look out for the first book, THE MYSTERY OF THE HIDDEN FORTUNE, also FREE with Kindle Unlimited and available in paperback.

These books will appeal to fans of Richard Coles, Richard Osman, Fiona Leitch and Katie Gayle.