The Mystery Of Sundays Well by Anne Crosse

The mystery of sunday wells

Following a double murder, the residents of a small Irish town refuse to give up their secrets.

“This book brims with subtle Irish humour.”

DI Robert Carroll hates rural Magnerstown with a passion. So he’s none too pleased when sent there on a murder investigation.

Two bodies have been fished out of a wishing well that is earmarked to be developed as a tourist attraction.

With more reluctance than a dog on a visit to the vets, Carroll interviews the townsfolk. But his inquiries are not well received.

In fact, Carroll and his assistant – the bright spark, James Sayder – are soon dubbed the local Keystone Cops.

It turns out the bodies are those of two local troublemakers, who no one will miss. Not even their mother, it would seem.

As the investigation inches forward, Carroll slides into a malaise. Increasingly at odds with everyone around him, he is in danger of scuppering the whole case.

Can his assistant, James, step up to the plate to save the day? Or, in the face of the apparent incompetence of the police, will more bodies be found?

THE MYSTERY OF SUNDAYS WELL is a standalone murder mystery. However, readers will also enjoy DEATH IN MAGNERSTOWN in which cantankerous DI Robert Carroll and his intelligent sidekick James Sayder appear for the first time.

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