Nailed by You by Nikki Mays

Nailed by you
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Kellie has had it with men! Especially good for nothing sperm donors who never see their daughter! The only men who don’t get on her nerves are her father, brother and Mason Ross. The first two for obvious reasons and the last one, well...he’s just Mason. Sweet, silly and more handsome than any man should ever be. Too bad a man like him can have any woman that he wants. He is definitely not going to want a single mother with stretch marks when he can have women who look like models. *sigh* A girl can still daydream though.
Mason has secretly carried a torch for Kellie since they were teens. She went from a cute and sweet teenager to a complete stunner of a woman. Life has always seemed to stand in his way when it came to her. Either they were too young or she was dating the world’s biggest waste of life. It was just never the right time for him to ask her out. Even when he decided to go for it, he overheard her telling someone that she was no longer going to date and only focus on her daughter. A guy just can’t catch a break some days.
But you should be careful what you wish for. Life may hand you the opportunity that you’ve been asking for, but it just may be more painful than you were envisioning it would be.
Can these two find a way to each other after years of longing? Or will life Nail them...hard?