Never Speak by John Manchester

Never speak
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Years ago, Ray was sworn to silence. Now he's going to speak. Even if it kills him.

Ray Watts is in a deep funk. His girlfriend Liz has abandoned him. So has the muse that inspired the art that supported him. If he doesn't come up with the next mortgage payment he's going to be out on the street. In a moment of desperation, he googles his ex-wife Susan. They haven't spoken in years. Now they never will--she died last year in a fiery car crash. Ray becomes obsessed with the years they spent together in a spiritual group-- a time that drove him to the edge and destroyed their marriage.

Ray has a plan. When you're forbidden to speak, you end up with a lot of secrets. Juicy ones. So, he'll write a best-selling book about his time in the group and pay off the mortgage. And writing will get him out of his funk. It's what he'd always done--transmute his leaden troubles into the gold of art.

But when a brick crashes through his window--the first in a series of creepy, anonymous threats--he realizes that someone really doesn't want him to write. They're determined to shut him up. For good.