Beautiful Disaster by Rye Hart

Book Cover: Beautiful Disaster by Rye Hart

Beautiful Disaster by Rye Hart

He’s my boss.
Famous heartthrob.
Complete and utter disaster.
Apparently, he doesn't like that I'm here to clean his act.
But the way he's undressing me with his eyes makes me wonder how he really feels.

I’m Drake Blackthorn’s personal assistant.
The Drake Blackthorn.
‘King of Country’.
He’s been a train wreck since his late wife and daughter passed away.
He assumed I was hired to babysit him – he assumed right.
My job: follow him and his rowdy band around for an entire tour.
But there's one problem: there's more to Drake than meets the eye.
And I’m completely and utterly infatuated with him.

The hardest part in all this? Trying to hide my growing baby bump.