Never Yours: A Billionaire Romance by Lucy Lambert

Book Cover: Never Yours: A Billionaire Romance by Lucy Lambert
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New adult women's fiction contemporary billionaire romance

Her heart isn’t for sale.

With her new boss hounding her at her old boys’ club of a Madison Avenue marketing firm, Rachel has no time for a man in her life. Just finished school, she spends practically every waking hour at work to prove that she’s as good as any guy at the job. Better, even.

He’s not looking to buy.

Young and eligible bachelor CEO Neil has found there’s one thing he can’t get with all of his money, good looks, and charm: the right woman for him. One who wants him for more than just his bank account.

So when Rachel gives into her friends and attends a speed dating event, she just wants to shut them up so she can get on with her life. Neil’s there, too. Incognito, of course.

They’re each other’s only match.

She has no intention of falling for him, in spite of how mysterious he is, in spite of his romantic dates, and definitely in spite of the way she feels when he lights her phone up.

He delights in the chase and in the seduction. But what about the truth of his identity? Because he knows it’s only a matter of time before it comes to light.

Bestselling romance author Lucy Lambert (The Pretend Girlfriend, Insatiable) returns with a novel sure to please any reader who knows that true and unconditional love often finds you, especially if you don’t even think you’re looking for it.