Fake it Baby by Tia Siren

Fake it Baby by Tia Siren

We both need a fake marriage.
But I want so much more.
This time, I'm not letting her go...

Avery was the girl I left behind.
My little sister's best friend.
I could never forget how she rocked my world that night.
And ever since I saw her again, her curves and sassy mouth are making me wild.
She's in this fake-relationship for the baby she wants to adopt.
And I need a wife to prove I'm the perfect family guy.
But once I get her into our newly-wed bed,
I'll show her why we're meant to be together... forever.
A family.

Even though our vows are fake, I promise our happily-ever-after will be very real.

Fake it Baby is a stand-alone novel of 80000 words. The marriage might be fake but the romance is oh-so hot! Also included are some bonus novels for your enjoyment, including an exclusive never-before-published story.