Abbie’s Gift by M. R. Thomas

Book Cover: Abbie's Gift by M. R. Thomas

Abbie's gift is a novel set in current day England.

It is a modern take on a Gothic style horror story that leads its readers along twists and turns, mixing mystery, psychology theory and religious ideology along with fact to entice those brave enough to engage fully with the story to its end, because legend has it that the context of this story exists and it could happen to you…..

Abbie is a young professional woman who suddenly and finds herself immersed into an emotional roller coaster of unexpected life changing events. By chance through this, she discovers a spiritual awareness that has life changing consequences for her and her whole future.
Over a short period of time, those close to her fear for her life and her sanity. Even Abbie herself struggles with the ambivalence over what is now either imagined and the play of her over vivid and unwell mind, or are her experiences real? She doubts her own sanity time and time again, fearing for herself, but the intensity of her experiences and what she now desires become all to consuming.