Numb? by Dave Sinclair


Burned out? In a rut? Tired of the hustle?

Dave was. It just took a mid-life crisis, quitting his career as a successful business owner, and ultimately ending up in a meaning and purpose-based addictions treatment center to discover this.

After hitting rock bottom, Dave finally pressed pause and grasped that something had to change or the rat race would kill him.

Taking that step back helped Dave realize that he was only living life for the hustle of making more money. Money which he used as a temporary reprieve from the day-to-day grind. The hustle had created a void where Dave was losing himself in the idea that eventually it would lead him to happiness. Instead, the cycle continued, and the constant striving for more and more just made him feel more disconnected and numb.

Dave started to see that hustling for money alone does not work. There had be more to the puzzle.

So, Dave took the leap, restarted his life, mapped out his values, identity, and goals using his now 4-stage step back process. The result is a life full of abundance for himself, his family, and his business.

Now Dave wants to share the 4-stage step back process that transformed his life in this book.

The perfect book to get your life back on track, Numb? lays out the steps for anyone to create their ideal life. Business owners will also discover a straightforward method to successfully build and transition their business.

Ultimately, Numb? will inspire, instruct, and reassure that you are on the right path towards your own unique definition of success.