THE NUMBERS GAME by John Stanley

The numbers game

Detectives hunt down a serial killer in this exciting thriller with an enjoyable twist

"The Numbers Game was a very easy going and enjoyable read" Katie Fischer

When a body is found in a house on a street marked for demolition, Superintendent Danny Radford and his team immediately come up against the actions of the developers and local activists, all of whom seem intent on thwarting their investigation. As more bodies are discovered it becomes clear a serial killer is at work, but will the interference of politicians into the police's work allow the murderer to avoid Radford's efforts to bring him to justice for his homicidal games?

The Numbers Game is a clever murder mystery that you will not want to put down.

This is a stylish police procedural, with the feel of changing contemporary Britain. Gritty and real, and hard to put down, it will appeal to a wide audience. With more twists and turns than a country road, readers who enjoy guessing the identity of the killer will be scratching their heads until the very end.

"As the detectives close in, the plot gets thicker and intense. Loved it." Jane Steward

John Stanley's latest book SENTINEL, which also features detective Danny Radford, is now available to download for your Kindle.