Odin’s Runes by Zara Greene

Odin's runes

Have you always wondered how to use your runes as a spiritual guide? Do you long to deepen your understanding of this ancient divination practice? Read on...

Did you know that the word rune means secret meaning or secret letter?

Many people have a set of runes lurking around on a bookshelf, but not many people truly know how to use them… or the rich history behind them.

Perhaps you’re unsure of how to prepare your runes for a reading, or perhaps you need a little help with interpretation.

Either way, there’s one thing you’re going to need before you get started – a complete understanding of exactly where they come from and how you can use their wisdom as a spiritual guide.

Runes have the power to protect you and your loved ones and help you navigate life’s most challenging moments… and to access that power, you need to know how to lay them out and interpret the wisdom they impart.

Are you an experienced practitioner of Wicca? Are you a Tarot enthusiast? Or are you simply looking to understand that rune set gathering dust on your shelf?

No matter where you’re starting from, Odin’s Runes is the only guide you need to get you started on a lifelong journey of working with runes.

Rune magic is a powerful thing… and to truly understand that, we need to step back in time…

Through understanding Viking culture and history, you’ll gain a comprehensive insight into Norse runes and magic, and this understanding will open the doors to interpreting your runes with skill and perspective.

In Odin’s Runes, you’ll uncover everything you need to know to use your runes for spiritual guidance. Inside, you’ll discover:

  • A deep dive into the Elder Futhark runes – discover the meaning of each rune and its uses
  • Exactly why Odin is so significant in runic history – and what we can learn from him today
  • The starting point: Where runes came from (and why knowing this is going to help you with your readings)
  • A clear understanding of what runes are and what they represent
  • The 3 main futharks… Do you know which one your rune set uses?
  • Insightful suggestions for making your own runes (and why you might want to)
  • Top tips for successful divination – consistently
  • Why your state of mind matters – do you know the right time to do a rune reading?
  • A beginner’s guide to rune spreads – know your Wyrd Pull from your Runic River… and explore which works best for you

And much more.

Whether you’re looking for a deeper understanding or you’re just getting started with runes, you can fling open the doors to greater insight when you understand the full picture of runic history.

Delve into a guide that is as practical as it is informative, and bring the power of divination into your life.