Off Schedule by Andrea Buck

Off Schedule
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Two strangers. Ten days. One motorhome. What can go wrong?

When Paula runs into the ex-love of her life, she believes it's fate. When he introduces her to his new fiancée, Paula thinks fate should get fired. And when her ex has the nerve to ask what's going on in her life, she does what any reasonable person would do, she lies.

Her musician neighbor is willing to play the fake boyfriend. He just needs a tiny favor in return. Piece of cake, he tells her. Nothing to worry about.

Paula sets off to deliver an antique instrument, but ends up stranded in the desert with a homeless dog, an impossible deadline, and an ancient motorhome. Only a miracle could get her home. When the miracle shows up looking like a Greek god in a Levi's ad, staying on schedule becomes the least of Paula's problems...