The Omega Strain by Steve P. Vincent

The omega strain

Mitch Herron's business is death and business is good. 

An assassin without equal, Herron’s latest job is no walk in the park, because fanatics hell-bent on cleansing the planet ambush Herron and turn him into a walking bioweapon.

With only days before he's used to spread the most lethal contagion in human history, Herron must hunt down the fanatics and stop their attack, knowing he might be the only person who can.

The clock is ticking....

If you like Robert Ludlam’s Jason Bourne, Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp and Mark Dawson’s John Milton, you’ll love The Omega Strain, the first novel in the addictive Mitch Herron series. 

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Also in the series…

The Shadow Enclave (Mitch Herron 2)

The Lazarus Protocol (Mitch Herron 3)

The Capricorn Deception (Mitch Herron 4) - NEW RELEASE!

What reviewers are saying about Steve P. Vincent’s thrillers…

“Great fun. A two-fisted thriller, escaped from five minutes into the future.” – John Birmingham, USA Today Bestseller.

“Masterful, electrifying thrillers that will keep you coming back for more.” – Nathan M. Farrugia, USA Today Bestseller.

“A vibrant thriller series with international appeal, slyly-written and entertaining, which should satisfy fans of the genre.” – Newtown Review of Books.

“It’s power play after high-stakes political power play in the Jack Emery series. This series had us white-knuckling our iPad.” – Apple Books.

“A jet-setting, alarming, bang-pow-kaboom read full of bloodshed and machinations you’ll hope never become reality. Don’t start reading it at 9pm unless you have the next day off!” – ReadingKills.

What Amazon readers are saying about the Mitch Herron series… 

★★★★★ “A must read for those who love fast, action-packed suspense.”

★★★★★ “An excellent start to a new action-packed thriller series!”

★★★★★ “An awesome thriller. I wonder could this really happen?”

★★★★★ “This book kept me on the edge of my seat.”

★★★★★ “The story is well paced; there's no filler fluff. Everything counts.”

★★★★★ “A life and death story that has compassion, danger, thrills, excitement and mystery.”

★★★★★ “Cracking good! Five stars!”

★★★★★ “Full-on action, adventure and drama.”

★★★★★ “Very hard book to put down. Can't wait for the next one. . .”

★★★★★ “Lots of action, twists and turns to keep you guessing.”

★★★★★ “All I can say is WOW!”

★★★★★ “An extremely well written and fast paced thriller. Enjoyed immensely.”

★★★★★ “I was on the edge of my seat - beginning to end.”

★★★★★ “Another wild and exciting ride. Couldn’t put it down.”

★★★★★ “Always looking for a new kick ass hero, found one!”