One Beats the Bush by Riall Nolan

One Beats the Bush by Riall Nolan

Meet Max Donovan, a man who was kicking butt when Jack Reacher was still in diapers...

Vietnam veteran Max Donovan is in Bangkok, and very hungover, when his friend “Fat” Freddie Fields is arrested in San Francisco for the murder of an Australian diplomat.

He knows his old buddy would never hurt a fly, so he rushes back to the Bay Area to help. There he locks horns with the District Attorney who seems intent on pursuing the case.

Suspecting Freddie is being framed, Donovan tries to rustle up some cash to bail him out, but only succeeds in getting into trouble with the local mob.

He’ll have to solve the case on his own. Unfortunately, the only clue he has suggests the answers lie in the jungle-covered mountains of Papua New Guinea, and the shark-filled waters of the Coral Sea.

As he comes face to face with smugglers, hostile tribesmen, insurgents, and a web of corruption and deception, can Donovan achieve what is seemingly impossible in this high-octane, action-filled adventure full of nail-biting suspense?

ONE BEATS THE BUSH is the first novel in the Max Donovan Adventures series. Look out for the second, WITH TOOTH AND NAIL. Also, check out the author’s standalone action thriller MURDER MOUNTAIN.

This book will be great for fans of Lee Child, Wilbur Smith, Raymond Chandler, and Ernest Hemingway.