One Christmas by Karine Saint Jacques

One Christmas
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“This is a heartwarming holiday read that I think everyone who loves romance should read.” – Shakespeare’s Wench Book Blog

What a difference One Christmas makes…

All Irene wants is to have a peaceful celebration with family and the new man in her life at her annual Christmas Eve dinner. But the appearance of her arrogant ex-husband, Dean, dashes her hopes as he seeks a second chance.

Meanwhile, Irene’s adult children, Anthony, Gloria, and Jake, as well as her nephew, Christopher, are all caught in their own webs of romance and heartache.

Anthony yearns to warm the lonely heart of Ava, a barista in his mother’s coffee shop. Only she’s completely sworn off romance.

Gloria is determined to bring holiday cheer to her brooding neighbor, Lucas, and convinces him to be her fake boyfriend so she can make him see the light.

Jake thinks he’s found a woman he could finally commit to and works hard to gain the trust of her guarded young daughter, Josephine. Only he’s taken by surprise by a secret admirer.

As for Christopher, he tries to fight the attraction he feels to Jake’s girlfriend, Morgan, a woman he let slip away years ago.

Everyone’s set to meet at Irene’s traditional Christmas Eve dinner, where sparks are sure to fly. But with a little bit of the season’s magic, this Christmas might become one they will never forget.

This is Book 1 in The Celebrations Series of standalone books.

This story of five endearing couples yearning for love and facing significant romantic obstacles over the Christmas season will warm your heart and make you want to read it again and again. Click now on "Look Inside" to get started.

***Previously titled The Greatest Christmas Gift of All***