One Woman’s Private Life Shared by Nikki Fuller

Book Cover: One Woman's Private Life Shared by Nikki Fuller

How I've got through the cr*p

One Woman's PRIVATE LIFE "SHARED" is a warm and approachable short read. Events taken from her own experiences, whether love, death & grief or the darkness of depression, from just one woman's point of view. Offers an insight into sensitive and private subjects and her experience of the twists and turns life can bring at work or at home. Have you lost someone close unexpectedly? Struggled finding your career path but fought to become successful and true to yourself whilst coping with anxiety or depression? Reads like women chatting in the ladies! or friends getting together over a drink, with openness and honesty with a light and approachable touch. If you have dreams and aspirations and have had to cope with the troubles that life can deal you, with Life and Loss, you may find reading this helpful, to know you are not alone. With some helpful affirmations and tips then 'One Woman's PRIVATE LIFE "SHARED" will be a welcome companion and motivate you to be kind to yourself and remain strong to embrace life today and all it offers. You deserve to be Happy and Successful. Even if success if just about successfully getting through today.