The Onyx Seed by Clifford Beck

The onyx seed

The world is dead, but the earth lives on as humanity is brought to the edge of extinction by an act of war. But in the bowels of Los Angeles, Marty and Lucas, working in a small restaurant, are unaware of the unfolding events that will soon force them into a life of survival. During their escape to a distant place of safety, they meet Julie. She is a beautiful woman who has spent a considerable time in hiding. But due to unforeseen circumstances, Marty and Julie find themselves traveling across the county alone to a place where Marty feels their safety and privacy are certain.

Initially, they are drawn to each other out the fear of being alone. But, it is death and hardship that pushes them together into a passionate, fiery bond as their souls become intertwined in something that quickly beyond the need for human contact.

But life is cold, uncaring and favors no one. And after the pair becomes a group, tragedy raises its unforgiving head. With their destination in sight, Marty is confronted by the necessity to fight off a confrontation with humankind's animal nature. The losses are more than he can cope with as he gathers together the remainder of the group and continues their journey to find a place to start over, a place to call home.