Out of Time by Ernesto H. Lee

Out of Time: The Dream Traveler Book One by Ernesto H Lee

Chanticleer International Book Awards - Official 2018 CLUE Book Awards Semi-Finalist.

Out Of Time is the first in a series of novels from author Ernesto H. Lee, and is the first part of a two-part story that introduces the reader to Detective Sean McMillan. McMillan has a unique ability to travel back in time through the medium of his dreams, so when he is assigned to a cold case team, finding evidence and solving crimes should be a foregone conclusion. However, Sean soon discovers that changes to the past to influence the future can have unexpected and deadly consequences. The past is not the past, the future is not set and nothing in life is certain. Open your mind and join the ‘Dream Traveler’ on his journey back to the past.

From the author:

This novel contains strong language that is appropriate to the characters and scenarios described.

Please note also that I have taken on board some of the comments made in the reviews of this book - particularly the strong language and the two part story. In regards to the strong language, I have toned this down considerably in book number 2. Book number 3 in this series is nearly complete and is set in the early 1970's, so there is very little strong language at all. Going forward I will endeavor to use this type of language, only when it is absolutely necessary to make the point.
On the issue of being a 2 part story, this is a 99c book and it will remain at this price for as long as necessary. For this reason, I thought it would be ok to split what would have been a long book. Going forward all new books will be single part only.
Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to leave a review - good or bad, they are all constructive and hopefully will allow me to improve my writing skills.
Many thanks to all
Ernesto H Lee

Entertaining and thought provoking. Ernesto H. Lee has crafted a gripping murder mystery, with many twists and turns – Deborah Lloyd for Readers Favorite - 5 Stars

Out of Time is a fantastic introduction to the Dream Traveler Series by Ernesto H Lee. Well written and engaging – Melinda Hills for Readers Favorite – 5 Stars

Well written and a fun read. The reader will surely find that reading ‘Out of Time’ will make time fly – The Book Review Directory

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