Staying Sane and Ahead of the Game by J.H Cole

Baby and Toddler Edition

Book Cover: Staying Sane and Ahead of the Game by J.H Cole
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Finding the right life-balance when parenting

Here is a collection of suggestions, advice, tips and tricks to enable you to accomplish your goals at an equal measure of fulfilling your potential of a being a great parent – and enjoying it along the way. From a mother of three who runs a successful business (and writes on the side!) I'll show you how to find time to:

- Continue to run your own business once your children arrive

- Develop a new skill even as at a stay at home parent

- Teach you how to stay focused on your priorities

- Enable you to make better use of your time

- Allow you to work steadily on your career and personal goals

- All whilst being a doting and inspirational parent

If you are a parent who doesn’t have the time for books filled with motivational quotes and (not so) inspirational narratives about other people’s ‘journeys’ – but you are a parent who wants the information that will help you get positive results today - then this is the book for you.