Persephone’s Grief by Sandra Bats

Persephone's grief
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Persephone’s Grief is the long anticipated sequel to Persephone’s Curse. Living in a world controlled by a ruthless virus Elin and Jayden were determined to face life together. After a tumultuous first year to their relationship they were content being together and working through their shared traumas. But when one night turns all their worst nightmares into reality their relationship is brought to a breaking point.

Jayden and Elin were sure they could face anything in the world — as long as they faced it together. But when Elin’s live is threatened by events they couldn’t anticipate, Jayden starts down a narrowing path of moral ambiguity in a desperate attempt to save the love of his life.

Shocked by the prospect of her own death, Elin struggles to believe that there is any hope left for her. Instead, she attempts to make her peace with what will happen. When her path turns out to be at direct odds with Jayden’s plans the cracks in their young relationship start to show.

How far can Jayden go for the person he loves before he becomes unrecognizable to Elin?

An angsty novel for readers of dystopian romance that explores the emotional repercussions of people being forced to make painful choices for love.