Postcards That Never Arrived by Eric Jordan Campbell

Book Cover: Postcards That Never Arrived by Eric Jordan Campbell

Postcards That Never Arrived by Eric Jordan Campbell

Eric Jordan Campbell's first poetry book gives insight on his intense passion in the happenings of the world around him as he exists within. Each Word and its placement is important in his writing. The experiences he writes about, may be hard to swallow, but they are very real for many, and more difficult to live through. This is a composition of stories we brush under the rug far too often. This is a chance to self reflect and grow.

When I read Eric’s poetry I am plugged into this deep connection to which he senses everything. His tone is a relaxed one and it’s like having the most chill conversation with a man that can see past all the things that never mattered. My whole existence relaxes while I indulge in his words just to feel what he is feeling for some time. Honestly, I only ask that men find their inner self expression like he has. - ShanBae

Eric’s talent lies in taking just a few words to remind us of our deepest and most complex emotions. He is able to paint a picture when most of us would simply describe what we feel as “inexplicable”. The writing takes you on a journey that artfully reminds you of love, loss, and those very things that make poetry as a genre so compelling. It is exciting to witness the jump-start of what I’m sure will be a prolific collection of works when he’s through. - Shannon Ahmed