The Poetry Of Biology by Afia Sarfo

The poetry of biology

Words woven into an inspiring journey for you to discover everything that makes YOU beautiful.

The media has made “perfect” and “skinny" the only body images that are worth fighting for.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

Imperfections are perfect. Fat, skinny, tall, short are redundant words. The only term you should use is natural.

Being your natural, beautiful self is the only way you can travel through life unscathed and unbothered.

That’s what you are: A woman. A force of beauty. A natural phenomenon!

The Poetry of Biology takes you down the path of self-love with the power of beautifully intertwined words, inspiring a life of self-acceptance.

Whether you want to rejuvenate your spirits, uplift your mind, or contribute to your physical well-being, here’s the power.

Here’s to: A life of pure freedom, love for your own body, love for your future, and love for the real you.

In The Poetry of Biology, you will discover:

  • A deeper understanding of self-love and the importance of self-acceptance
  • Detailed illustrations that portray the various types of beautiful women around the world
  • An enlightening journey that will help you reimagine body ideals -- feel freer and more confident
  • Pages of alluring poems that will help you realize the true beauty of a woman
  • Real-life experience of body struggles that will give you clarity and a sense of belonging
  • The power of creative literature leading the way to a healthy, loving, and fulfilled life

And much more.

You are gorgeous, no matter what anyone throws your way.

The Poetry of Biology will always be here for you, especially in times of doubt and self-hate.

Elevate your confidence if you feel disheartened. Uplift your spiritual health if you’ve lost faith.

If you’re ready to travel on the path towards a life of self-love and acceptance, then download now.