The Alchemy of Authentic Living by Wayne Stevens

Book Cover: The Alchemy of Authentic Living by Wayne Stevens

Poetry and prose: an authentic living self-help ebook on Kindle

What is at the core of the esoteric teachings of all of the great alchemists throughout human history? You have the power within you to change the world by living an authentic life in alignment with the true-self. The Alchemy of Authentic living is a intuited text born out of the cosmic light of love and creation that's within you and is longing to fulfill the destiny of your true-self. Raise your vibration and broadcast an infinite beam of love and light to everyone you meet. Attune yourself to the higher vibrational energies that are available to those that seek them. Give in to the magnetic cosmic pull you're feeling; to do, be, and feel something greater than you could have ever imagined. When the consciousness of the human spirit awakens, anything is possible.