The Popish Midwife by Annelisa Christensen

The Popish Midwife A tale of high treason, prejudice and betrayal (Seventeenth Century Midwives Book 1) by Annelisa Christensen
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A tale of high treason, prejudice and betrayal

Put your red cloak on and step into the shoes of the Seventeenth Century Midwives!

An outspoken midwife. A false imprisonment. Will one woman’s faith and courage be enough to tip the scales of justice?

London, 1679. Elizabeth Cellier is a loving wife, a friend to her neighbors, and a former midwife to the Queen. She's brave in a time of fear, dedicating her free time to serving the unjustly persecuted. In an effort to improve the treatment of fellow Catholics, she ignores her husband's warnings against befriending a connected debtor. But she never expected her quest for equal rights would unknowingly lure her into a plot against her beloved King…

Elizabeth finds herself in the same prison she sought to improve. With time running out before her trial, can the midwife defend herself in a court prejudiced against women, Catholics, and foreigners? If she fails, the punishment could claim her life…

The Popish Midwife is the first historical novel in the Seventeenth Century Midwives Series which is based on the inspiring true story of English midwife Elizabeth Cellier. If you like strong heroines, tales of endurance, and accurate historical details, then you’ll love Annelisa Christensen's award-winning series!

Buy The Popish Midwife to explore your passion for justice today!

*2017 Readers' Favorite Award winner*