Possession by Sara Owens

Possession by Sara Owens
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Shattered into a million pieces by one man’s sadistic ideas of pleasure, Julie’s living a double life. Part so vibrate, the other of silence and agony.

Dustin’s watching, and he’s more than a little aware of the travesties going on with the woman he can’t seem to ignore. Pulling her away from a man who thinks he owns her isn’t going to be easy. Dustin has his own personal demons that Julie’s circumstances will draw painfully to the surface.

She reminds him of a distant past, and he finds himself falling before he even has a chance to stop himself. Protecting her at all costs, helping her to heal, it becomes his driver. Dustin is all man, and if he is ever going to get what he so badly needs, he’s going to have to get her to trust in him. Possessive to a fault, Dustin might be exactly what she doesn’t need, but the more he gets, the more he needs.

Recommended for adult audiences: contains some violence, sexual content and language.