Pre-Approved Identity Theft by Nellie K. Neves

Pre-Approved Identity Theft by Nellie K. Neves
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Anyone can walk a mile in someone else's shoes, but what do you do when you don't want to give them back?

By all appearances, Harper Sutton leads a charmed life. As the only daughter of Montgomery Sutton, CEO of Devil’s Harp Ale, any woman in the country would swap places with her. And Harper would jump at the chance, because appearances can be deceiving. From day one she’s been robbed of every choice. Her parents decided what she wore, who her friends were, and even the man she’s supposed to marry. Something has to give, and for Harper, it’s the lock on the bathroom window the morning of her wedding.

“ feet are in the grass, and my hands are gripping heaps of satin and tulle, and all I can think to do is run.
Run as fast as I can away from this prison they’ve crafted for me.
Run from my father.
Run from expectations and preconceived notions of what my life should be.
And run from Reginald Barker III.”

Indigo Maxwell is a marketing executive waist deep in hot water because her job performance disqualified her from taking time off. Now she has a two-week vacation to Cancun and no way to take it. When she meets a new girl named Harper, she sprouts a wild idea. Harper can assume her identity for two weeks while she’s on vacation. It’s not ideal, but beggars can’t be sunbathers can they? What could go wrong?

Declan Thorpe is a divorced, single father. His days revolve around work and his little girl. He’s not looking for romance, at least not until Indigo catches his eye. Or rather, Harper playing the part of Indigo. Now Declan can’t get her off his mind.

The switch may not be perfect, but with enough makeup, Harper can take over Indigo’s life. Fate brings them together, but will Harper be willing to relinquish the life she’s made? Or will she become the new Indigo Maxwell permanently?

"Maybe she'll crash while parasailing.
Maybe she'll fall into a volcano.
Maybe she'll meet a nice islander and move into his hut.
I don't care as long as she never comes back.
Because now he's kissing me and I'm kissing him...
This is what we've both been hunting for all our lives.

Only one problem. He doesn't know my name...
Anything that might pick Indigo up and make it so she never existed.
Then I can take over her life.
It's only fair. I'm better at it than she ever was."

Two women, both trapped by their circumstances, brought together by fate in this clean, switching places, mistaken identity, romantic novel. Is it really stealing if you have permission?

*This book is considered clean, meaning no foul language, and no sexually explicit scenes. By movie ratings, it would be PG-13.