The Prince is Missing! by AP Rawls

The prince is missing

SHE'S FUN. She's smart. She's gorgeous...

...Oh, and she's a real badass when she needs to be. She's Kori Briggs, super spy, and if you haven't spent any time with her yet, what the heck are you waiting for

In this fourth book of the popular A.P. Rawls series of Kori Briggs suspense spy thrillers, Kori has been tasked with the assignment of finding England's missing Prince Grayson! All signs point to a kidnapping at the hands of an American ex-con, but Kori knows there's much more to the story. Follow her and her trusty Russian sidekick Anya Kovalev as they scour the grand city of London for clues to the prince's disappearance.

What Readers Are Saying about Super Spy Kori Briggs:

"Oh you guys are going to LOVE Kori, she is a great main character! Happy reading everyone!" -ThePageLadies

"...An intelligent, attractive woman who thrives on intrigue, suspense, crime and unraveling mysteries." -Ginger

"A female protagonist that can hold her own." -Doug Y.

"Such a fun character to follow." -NetGalley review

"Fierce and deadly." -Karen Dee

"So excited to see a strong, female secret agent in Kori Briggs. Kori gets the job done through smarts and hard work." -AlwaysCarryingBooks

"...a 'badass' secret agent... Kori Briggs is remarkable" -Andrea

"...feminine, yet deadly." -DERogue

"Thrillers and action heroes are my thing so it is doubly nice to read about a kick-ass, hard drinking female like Kori Briggs." Jeanie