A Private Investigator Gus Keane murder mystery

Falling Foul by Bud Craig
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Private investigator Gus Keane is back with a difficult new case to solve

With his ex-wife appearing back on the scene and relations with his girlfriend Marti troubled, the murder of one of Gus Keane's colleagues comes at a really bad time. Yet when his friend Jimmy is accused of the murder, he really must step up to the plate. With his knowledge of the local area, and a healthy suspicion that nothing anyone says is true, private investigator Keane must find the killer before Jimmy is convicted.

Ex rugby player turned social worker Gus Keane supplements his retirement fund with amateur detective work. And the crime-hit deprived areas of outer Manchester provide a fair amount of case work.

This murder mystery can be enjoyed entirely on its own but be sure to Check out TACKLING DEATH, the first book in the PI Gus Keane series, and the second, DEAD CERTAINTY, both available on Kindle.

If you like crime fiction with little or no graphic violence, a convincing plot and great characters FALLING FOUL is for you.