Her deepest fear by C. M. Thomas

Her deepest series Book 1

Her Deepest Fear by C. M. Thomas

*** Newly edited, the storyline hasn’t changed ***

After a night out with her friends, Anna walks home as she always does. But a masked figure pulling her into the dark changes everything, especially when he tells her he's been watching her, and she belongs to him. Anna gets away but not without damage.
When notes from her almost rapist started showing up, Anna quit her job and escaped to her sister's side as she managed a famous band, Deep C. While struggling with anxiety attacks, Anna found a happy distraction in Zane, the bad boy drummer.
The growing attraction between Anna and Zane could help her heal. Their attraction could turn into something deeper if they let it - but when her stalker sends a message letting her know he is coming for her, they will have bigger problems to deal with.

Warning: The content in this book is for mature audiences only. Contains sexual situations.