I WILL FIND HER – a psychological thriller by Thomas Apostle

I Will Find Her by Thomas Apostle

Will someone be waiting for you on the other side? A lover, maybe? Can the souls of lovers find each other after death and live on forever? Beautiful idea but can it be? Careful what you wish for.

Thomas Benson found his true love then lost her tragically. As her last breath left her lips, he promised her he would find her soul one day and they would live on into eternity bound together for ever. A moment later, he made another promise and that second promise brought this story of obsession, deceit and murder to a shocking truth about love and the other side.

At this moment, Thomas Benson sits alone in a cold holding cell. He knows he will die in exactly twelve hours when a lethal chemical mix is pumped into a vein in his left arm. His mission into the unknown to find his wife is about to begin.

This testimony of remarkable passion and devotion shared by two people must be heard even if from a prison cell on death row. Even if only heard by an unaffected but disturbing intruder. It’s now or never because Thomas believes his death will begin the search to find the soul of his deceased wife. But, with time running out, he discovers his quest is complicated by lust, greed, murder, revenge and the unexpected truth.

“Amazing, Disturbing, Haunting. This is a book that I won’t easily or soon forget with its dark and gripping tale of life and death.” Indie Book Reviewers