Purposely Positive by Joel Lindeman

Purposely positive
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Did you know the human brain is hard-wired toward negativity?

It makes complete sense when you think about from an evolutionary standpoint.

Your ancestors were constantly on the look-out for danger because survival was the name of the game. Today's world is different. You are not running from savage beasts on your way to work, yet your inclination toward fear, worry and doubt remain supremely powerful.

Ironically, most of the savagery today comes from within, and those monsters are rooted in your own mind, from your past, your view of the world, and your perceived place in it.

It doesn't have to be that way.

In Purposely Positive, you will learn where the lean toward the "dark side" comes from (the psychology, physiology and biology) and more importantly: how you can intentionally create a more positive life NOW leading to a massively impactful future.

Through reading this book you will:

  • Identify and remove the anchors that keep you from surging into a brighter future.
  • Re-frame your outlook on challenges so that they will ignite your engine, rather than keep you idle.
  • Realize that reaching for perfection could in fact be sabatoging you from living a masterful life.
  • Learn how to DREAM BIG and get to work on bringing those dreams into fruition.
  • Understand that negative emotions can be necessary, and in fact (when used correctly) fuel a more positive existence.
  • Figure out how to do what you love, and how to love what you do.
  • Learn to intentionally forge your life, utilizing accessible exercises that will lead you toward a happier, more satisfying life.

In 31 easy-to-digest chapters, speaker, author and doctor, Joel Lindeman D.C. combines scientific research, inspirational thoughts and powerful prose along with a refreshing wit to bring you tools you can use to help create the life you have only imagined.