Ray of Hope by Mark Hamilton

Ray of Hope by Mark Hamilton

Edward is a shy, unconfident, unathletic, teenage geek at the local high school. Edward's life consists merely of going to class while desperately avoiding the school's meanest bully, Carlos. The highlight of Edward's life is his relationship with Emily, but even that relationship is tainted by the fact that it is only Emily who wishes to remain "just friends."

However, everything in Edward's life begins to change when a new kid, Ray moves down the street and befriends Edward. Everything Edward is, Ray is not. Ray is talkative, confident, athletic and above all else, not a geek.

Yet to Edward's disbelief, Ray forgoes the popular crowd and confides in Edward as his best friend.

What follows is a humorous and redemptive story of growing up. With Ray by his side, Edward begins to rethink all the aspects of high school he once took for granted. During this time, Edward goes to his first homecoming, experiences his first kiss, and even plays a sport for the first time. All with Ray's help. Finally, Edward faces his ultimate enemy, Carlos.