Reasons To Breathe: A Single Mom Love Story by Chloe Morgan

Reasons To Breathe - A Single Mom Love Story by Chloe Morgan

I just needed a fresh start.

A new place to raise my little one as I worked to pull my life back together.

It’s never been an easy life, raising my kiddo alone, but I find strength in the little things.

The kind woman that I work for has been like a second mother.

And I had no clue how hot her marine son was until he comes home for a visit.

The guy is 100% alpha male. Everything I find attractive and usually fall hard for.

He’s got a decision to make. Leave the service or reenlist? Time is ticking down.

But the longer he stays, the more I want him to stay.

Where love didn’t seem like a possibility before, I feel like I’ve found a reason to breathe.