Rebuilding Alden by J. R. Thompson

Rebuilding Alden by J. R. Thompson

A compelling story of struggle and redemption (Worthy Battle Book 1)

Philip Bones is a fearless warrior — one who never acknowledges the possibility of defeat.

As a juvenile probation officer, the young man is constantly engaged in spiritual warfare.

But there’s more to Mr. Bones than being a courthouse pigeon. God has burdened his heart to transform the lives of anger-driven, rebellious juvenile delinquents.

More often than not, the wayward youths he sets out to save have no intentions of ever escaping their paths to self-destruction.

Alden Wamboldt, his newest client, is a great example. The thirteen-year-old got himself into legal trouble by assaulting his grandmother with a baseball bat. Who does that? The boy shows no remorse. How dare his grandma confiscate his cell phone!

Motivating Alden to overcome his anger outbursts is going to be a HUGE undertaking. Everyone who knows the teen expects him to either wind up behind bars or in an early grave.

Regardless of what anyone else thinks, Philip Bones is determined his client can beat the odds. Through unorthodox methods, acts of self-sacrifice, and plenty of tough-love, he’s certain he can make a difference.

Mr. Bones might not be able to change the world, but he can make an impact — one teenage criminal at a time.

Rebuilding Alden is an inspirational, faith-growing, Christian novel with a happy ending. If you enjoy feel-good stories, you’ll love this entire series. What are you waiting for? Buy your copy of Rebuilding Alden today!