Relationship Anxiety by Amy White

Relationship Anxiety by Amy White

Are you overwhelmed with fear because you don’t feel secure in your relationship?

Do you worry about your long-term compatibility even though your significant other has constantly reassured you of their commitment?

Are you in a relationship with the man or woman of your dreams, but now your whirlwind romance is falling apart because of relationship anxiety?

If these issues sound familiar, this book is going to be life-changing for you.

According to experts, a certain level of relationship anxiety is normal, but when you experience frequent distress and become hypervigilant for evidence that something is wrong, it's time to get some help. The good news is that your situation is not permanent; you can undo the damage your relationship has sustained and become the healthy, happy couple you know you are capable of being.

Within the pages of Relationship Anxiety: 7 Steps to Freedom from Jealousy, Attachment, Worry, and Fear – Heal and Rediscover Your Love for Each Other, you will discover:

✓ A deeper insight into the symptoms of relationship anxiety

✓ A simple questionnaire to understand your attachment style

✓ How to overcome the fear of abandonment and become emotionally independent

✓ The secrets to rekindling and maintaining the passion in your relationship

✓ How to rebuild a foundation of trust in your relationship

✓ How to effectively resolve conflict in your relationship

✓ Healing from an insecure attachment style

✓ How to overcome jealousy

✓ The ability to speak your partner’s love language

✓ And so much more!

You may have tried other strategies to help heal your relationship, and nothing has worked for you so far. You may have reached a point where you’ve accepted there’s no hope for you.

This book will give you an entirely different perspective on relationship anxiety and how you can overcome it.

You will learn about the root cause of your problems and gain a unique insight into the most effective coping strategies for your specific situation. You will learn to tap into your partner's inner being like never before and form a long-lasting bond that will stand the test of time. Don’t give up on your relationship yet.

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