Help! I’ve Created A Brat! by Chantal Kayem

The Secrets You Wish You Knew to Raising a Grateful and Unspoiled Child

Book Cover: Help! I've Created A Brat! by Chantal Kayem

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Most parents of spoiled children never intended for it to happen; however, despite loving parents' best intentions and sincere efforts to teach their children good values, their children unwittingly act spoiled. Although the path to turning around your child's spoiled or difficult behaviors is not an easy one, it is however possible. Yes, you absolutely can turn around your child's spoiled behaviors!

Teaching parents the benefits of effective strategies for unspoiling children, this remarkable new guide demonstrates how to prevent and turn around children's repeated spoiled, difficult or problem behaviors. Arguing against overindulgence and taking the easy path of giving in and avoiding conflict, this useful, hands-on resource teaches parents and caregivers to recognize, manage and prevent children's spoiled behavior patterns and offers clear advice for managing difficult situations with children through consistent and effective discipline techniques.

An informative guide for parents of young children to pre-adolescence, this easy-to-read, practical manual provides parents around the world with clear answers on the best ways to raise unspoiled children.