Remember Me by Lexy Parker

Remember me by Lexy Parker

I never wanted to fall in love until I met her.

And now?

I’m the man who is going to save her from her past.

But the sparks between us aren’t enough. She’s lived far too much life for that.

I’m not giving up until I figure out where her pain comes from and how to heal it.

Life’s never that easy though.

The minute I start to crack the code and move in to help her heal, my past shows up.

And a choice must be made. One that threatens to destroy what we’ve started.

I’m a good man. I’ll always sacrifice for others.

Even if that means that I’m nothing but a memory.

A Calendar Of Love Series is a stand-alone series based on holiday romance. You do not need to read them in any order at all. We're excited to bring you a year of holiday love stories, one a month!