Renouncing Holy Logic by Rami Anabusi

Renouncing Holy Logic

An EXCLUSIVE JOURNEY to discover the DEEP SECRET that nearly drove you crazy!

“WARNING”: This book will fry your brain, it will change your entire life.

No matter what your current circumstances, whether you are a woman or a man, whether you are the most wretched in the demon kingdom or the most successful in the world, this book is for you.

You did everything; you read, studied, consulted, traveled, worked very hard, Still looking for inspiration everywhere... But your dreams had never come true as you had hoped for, What Was Missing?!

Finally and Exclusively, the MYSTERIOUS SECRET is exposed:

Thrills, Tragedy, Comedy, Excitement, Business, Philosophy…

Very Simple, Realistic, Practical, Direct and Straight-forward… No Exaggerations, No Empty Promises, No Magic, No Miracles!

After reading this book, you’ll hopefully become your own master and the source of inspiration to others around you, No "impossible" anymore!

This book will teach you:

· The Rules and Which Ones to Break

· The Truth about Success

· The Art—and Struggle—of Growth

· The Conventional Logic holding you back

· Secrets to becoming Happy and Successful

· Benefits of Breaking Out of Comfort Zone

· Tools to take Control of Your Life

· …and much more!

Change Your Mind, Change Your Thinking, and Change Your Life!