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Reverse Aging Artfully by Kenny Progreso

Reverse Aging Artfully: Holistic Upgrades For The New Longevity Lifestyle by Kenny Progreso

Can WE Really Reverse Our Biological AGE? It Looks Like Our Cells Already Know How…

Kenny’s book on longevity and reverse aging opens the discussion around the 2009 Nobel Prize that was awarded to 3 microbiologists that discovered a way to measure cellular aging in humans. That landmark achievement could have revolutionized the way modern medicine is practiced—not only in America but around the world.

Indeed, following the science of that breakthrough in anti-aging, European researchers tested ingredients for their health effects based on the methods introduced by the Nobel laureates. Through their clinical trials over the ensuing years, formulations were identified that exhibit remarkable reverse aging possibilities.

Now, evidence-based and science-backed methods and products are available to help consumers find trusted ways to stay abreast of their anti-aging efforts. In Reverse Aging Artfully you’ll discover:

    • Identified! The only compounds that consistently showed anti and reverse aging capabilities under the microscope.
    • A layman’s look at the science behind reverse aging today.
    • A mini-tour of the so-called blue zones-those areas around the globe-where many inhabitants live into their 100’s. And what all those varied places have in common.
    • You’ve heard about the gut microbiome. But what about the other microbiome almost nobody is talking about which is just as important to your overall health!
    • The hidden epidemic that modern medicine virtually ignores, yet negatively impacts the whole-body health and vitality of 94% of U.S. citizens. Solutions provided…
    • The one thing that the modern dentistry profession is doing for its customers that mainstream medicine has FAILED on ¬ especially for those prescription drugs!
    • The best elements you can add now to begin your journey on the Longevity Lifestyle path to optimal, chronic wellness. Includes super budget-friendly ways to start too!
    • An introduction to the natural NEW science that is transforming the way we look at our genetics and the human genome that WILL revolutionize the medicine of the future.

Right now, there is a European health system being imported into the U.S. It’s quietly changing the way medicine is practiced in this country. For many people, this is the preferred lens to look through when imagining the future of health care. Judging by history, medicine reinvents itself every 40 years. But, for many of us that’s half a lifetime! Don’t wait! Get on board now and make the changes that will put you ahead of an American, stilted institution that refuses to change its hyper-profitable business model at your expense!

Far from a dry, boring, overly geeky, medical text, the author has made every effort to make the reader feel at-ease with home-grown methods to optimize their health while being thoroughly scientific and practical about it. Packed in a readable style with a touch of humor, you might even get a teenager to look into this. And for you seniors and mid-lifers? It’s never too late to get your mojo going on that longevity score! Scroll-up and hit the Order button now.