Her Woodsmen by Victoria Belle

Her Woodsmen by Victoria Belle

There's more wood than meets the eye for Lyra in this forest.

Lyra has been keeping a secret from everyone.
Still stinging from her parents’ divorce, her life is falling apart.

When her mom finds out what Lyra’s been hiding, she pulls her from her world of partying and takes her to a reclusive cabin in the woods to get herself together.

At first, Lyra wants nothing to do with the solitude of nature, until she stumbles upon a small commune deep in the forest and three gorgeous, intriguing men who live there.

Completely different from one another, Rain, Paul, and X grab Lyra’s attention and pique her curiosity each in their own unique way.

Can these three men living a simple life in the woods help Lyra find herself and the love and intense pleasure she’s been missing with all of them?