Roller coasters & Bliss by Pucki Metzger

Rollercoaster bliss

9 rides to more happiness

Sometimes life is like a roller coaster ride and it can get pretty bumpy along the way.
It takes you up and down. It might even make you turn left and right or it throws you into endless loop wholes so that your mind is so twisted you can´t seem to think straight anymore. Just like a ride on the coaster, it can get scary too.
Even though many things could be easy they are often not recognized and therewith we get hopeless and frustrated.
But life is supposed to be fun and so I wanted to share with you a few "rides" that might help unwind and get back on track. Finding your motivation, inspiration, and hopefully lots of fun and new experiences along the way. Often all the things we already know are the ones we forget in times of struggle. Then all it takes is a small reminder and new perspective to let go and with that enjoy the magical ride of life again