Irony of Time by M.L. Crum

Book Cover: Irony of Time by M.L. Crum
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One woman.
Given one chance.
To change a tragic event
in her past.

One man.
Given a second chance.
To fight for her love,
but first must find her
in the past.

Miriam Duvall has fallen in love all while she lives blissfully happy with amnesia until she is accidentally transported back in time right at the precipice of the most tragic event in her past. Now she has the chance to change everything, but the will of destiny may or may not bend. Her slap-the-face-of-destiny decisions could deliver her into heartbreaking sadness once again or finally set her free.

Miriam’s opportunity for redemption comes in the form of a handsome, but mysterious, physicist named Dr. Ian Stone. His whole existence has revolved around returning to and changing the moment evil claimed his soul robbing him of a life worth living. He has spent centuries obsessing over and calculating how to harness an exorbitant amount of energy, wherein making time travel a reality, but one variable was never factored into his equations: falling in love. His mind lives in a deep denial of his true feelings for Miriam until his heart wins out after he loses her somewhere back in time.

Their contrasting worlds cohesively collide and repel during a series of climatic events spiraling around a man harboring a dark secret fighting for a second chance at love, ironically placing this exceptional woman in a position where she must choose between her past she desperately wants to change or have a future with the man she undeniably loves.