Romeo & Antoinette by Rob Ziser

Romeo & Antoinette by Rob Ziser

A contemporary look at a classic love story…
A hot, sexy, bawdy, funny, flirtatious look...

One fine summer day, food loving Antoinette meets soulful painter Romeo, and it’s instant fireworks and infatuation. Turns out though, their families own rival restaurants. Their parents hate each other. Their fledgling careers are headed in the wrong directions. Their friends are involved in the stupidest, ongoing, most juvenile, tit-for-tat series of altercations the likes of which usually isn’t seen outside the confines of kindergarten. And the universe seems to be conspiring against them at every turn. Despite all that, love blossoms and boots start a knockin’ as Romeo and Ant fall desperately for each other.

Of course, it’s the brightest flames that burn the fastest and before we know it, there’s trouble in paradise.

Can two star crossed lovers find happiness through the onion scented steam rising off the cheesesteak griddle? Maybe. The only thing we know for sure is that the bonds of love are both heartbreakingly fragile and reassuringly infrangible, and it’s in this intersection where our story takes place.

The racy, romantic, new adult, debut novel by the author of The Optimalist Kitchen food blog, where maximum taste meets minimum toil.