A Russian & An Italian Walk Into A Bar by Kelson J

(The Double Shot Series Book 1)

A russian in a bar

Having the love of my life choose addiction over me, and later divorcing a man who never truly desired me, my heart was scarred beyond repair...or so I thought.

When a devilish Italian seduced me into a phone relationship, I found myself tempted by his devious kink and curious to explore a world of adventurous sex with other men just to please him.

Along my road to self discovery, emotional healing, and sexual liberation with my Italian, a Russian ensnared my affections. He enticed me with his quiet, sexy personality, and his eagerness to please me.

My mind was torn between satisfying my sexual kinks with my Italian and fulfilling my physical needs with the Russian. My heart wanted them both.

Could I allow myself the freedom of entwining the two enticing realities for my own pleasure?

With the help of a couple of hot-blooded men, and a roller coaster of lust filled nights, I hoped I might just get the future I deserved!